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Chnlove and all of their affiliated company are FRAUD!


Asia Maritus Limited

Richard, LIXIN XIE

Phone: +852.62593983

Fax: +852.30079277

Unit 1318, 13/F, Delta House,

3 On Yiu Street,

Shatin, N.T.


His billing company (Qpidnetwork).

P.O. Box No. 74476, Kowloon Central Post Office

Hong Kong, Asia


Now, for you folks who has no sense and thinking only on ***.

Those girls on the profile are FAKE!

Yap, you heard it right! FAKE!!!

There are about 2500 profile on Chnlove and more on other affiliated sites they operates are duplicates as well.

Did you know less than 1% is real (mostly order ladies). Yap only about 30-35 are real profile out of 2500+++ LOL

So you thinking you are chatting with fake photoshop profile who they buy 500 - 200, 000 off the internet photos.

All you are doing is chatting with hundreds if not thousand shop's translator agents.

And, most of them are MEN!!! Har Har Har.. Yes, Men's.

So you tell them your secrets and fell in love and *** like that... Even ID Theft is possible here.

Who knows what this snake oil business will do with all your private information. Sell it all to underground market. LMAO-

Those few real girls singed up are screwed too.

They have to pay and sign the fraud contract to upload their profile (less than 1% out of 2500+++)

And if they found their husband, they have to pay the extortion amount of over 40, 000 RMB.

Yes, monkey brains.. that's right. so Wake up! Wake up!

Alarm bells should go off high by now.

You see, you should thank me I'm telling you this.

But, its up to you to go on fantasy dreams, dating on sex chat with these *** spending thousand of dollars!

Some lost $20, 000 - $50, 000 and they are doing this to the World of men.

This evil site must shut down all and put all the business owners behind bars.

Go to your local, country internet fraud sites and make a complaint today.

Send out all your evidence downloaded from their crook site.

Already they shut down few sites and owners behind bars.

But, you need to get the head of the snake, the one in Honk-Kong (see above info).

What marriage company? Bunch of bull ***.

And they are now, setting up lots of web pages saying they are doing the right thing and cracking down on fraud.

LOLLLLLLLLLLL! They are the very one doing this. Hong Kong office order all the agency to upload fake profile and

hired men and women agency translators to chat with customers, pretending they are the girls on profile!

If you believe all the comments and web pages set up by this snake oil company, you might as well put your head your rear.

So go ahead if you want to chat with Chinese *** or old douche bags hags.

You have been WARNED!!!

Amazing Grace.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss dating site. Chnlove needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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If you'd make your Chnlove fraud comments in a readable, intelligent format, it might resonate. Your poorly written rant renduces, perhaps valid, points to the level of a grade schooler screaming on the playground because someone stole his yoyo.

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